Accommodation Options by Road Segment

Mentasta to Gakona Junction

Also known as the Tok Cut-off of the Glenn Highway, this 78-mile stretch of highway follows along the beautiful Copper River and the northern boundary of Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Scenic overlooks, pull-outs, and picnic spots are sprinkled in to make for an enjoyable drive.

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Slana to Nabesna

The Nabesna Road is one of only two roads which provide access into majestic Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Rural homesteads and trails are scattered along this 42 mile gravel road which extends from the community of Slana south to the historic mining destination of Nabesna.

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The historic community of Chisana can be easily reached by air from Nabesna or McCarthy. It is the location of Alaska’s last significant gold rush (1913-1924); and as a mining district, it was placed on the National Historic Register in 1985.

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Glennallen to Paxson

This section of the Richardson Highway (Alaska State Hwy #4), from milepost 118-185.6, extends north from Glennallen to Paxson. Travelling along this stretch of the highway, the famous Gulkana River winds its way on the western side, while the Wrangell Mountains are visible to the east and southeast and the Alaska Range rises up in the north.

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Paxson to Maclaren River

The scenic Denali Highway, from milepost 1 – 42 (Alaska State Hwy #8), affords endless views of the expansive landscapes. Frequent sightings of moose, caribou, bear, foxes, and other game are possible, as well as many opportunities for hiking and berry picking.

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Glennallen to Eureka

The Glenn Highway (Alaska State Hwy #1), from Glennallen to Eureka Summit provides the traveler with extensive views of mountains, glaciers, and wildlife. Noticeable changes in vegetation are indicators of underlying permafrost conditions.

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Glennallen to Thompson Pass

The Richardson Highway (Alaska State Hwy #8), from Glennallen (MP 117) to Thompson Pass in the Chugach Range (MP 30), traverses a variety of landscapes with outstanding views. From the black spruce forests of the Glennallen to Willow Lake area to the drier, more hilly and mountainous region of Pippen Lake to Thompson Pass, the traveler will encounter a variety of vegetation, wildlife, and friendly folks.

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Pippen Lake to Chitina

Pippen Lake is the start of the Edgerton Highway (Alaska State Hwy #10). This highway travels through the small, farming community of Kenny Lake and ends at the riverine village of Chitina, on the banks of the mighty Copper River. The Wrangell-St. Elias mountain range provides a picturesque backdrop to the many tracts of agricultural lands and forested areas.

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Chitina to McCarthy and Kennicott

The unpaved road from Chitina to McCarthy provides one of the only two points of road access into Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve. Originally the route for the CR&W Railroad, this road traverses both historic and scenic landscapes, culminating near the historic towns of McCarthy and Kennicott.

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